Saturday, December 31, 2011

Talking to the years :)

Dear 2011,
You have been both nice and not so nice to me, to be honest you are not be blamed for the bad part because it is our decisions and choices which causes misery and troubles and yes of course some are just natural.Life ain't bed of roses as we all want it to be, there will be ups and downs so will there be in 2012 and in the coming years.Just want to thank you for the good things which was brought to me, God been pretty nice to me providing me food, shelter and whatever which is necessary and at times more than just expected :)
The most beautiful thing that happened this year was that i had found love and one of the worst was that i lost it as well.Life always comes with experiences, i don't think we should blame you for it.As i scroll down my facebook homepage i see people blaming YOU for their miseries and troubles.I really do not know why people are so weak at accepting their own weakness and troubles in making correct decisions.Yes there are few things which are out of our control so what ?
As i said before life cannot be perfect, it will have it's ups and downs.Sometimes things may go really down the hill and sometimes up the hill and it is just weird that people just notice the bad things happened to them not the good ones.My blog dashboard is filled with notes to you, some state extreme hatred and disappointment.I wonder how can just a man made day cause so much trouble to the world ?

The world really needs to think properly i guess.
But there is something common among everyone, They all expect the coming year to be way much better.
 - Laughs -
I thought most people believe that world will end in the year 2012.I am pretty sure if a person commits suicide this year poor 2012 will be blamed for it and yeah how can we forget GOD.

PS 2012
I am VERY SURE you are going to be the MOST abused and disgraced year, way much than 2011 is going through at the moment :D


Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Beautiful

Don't look at me with those hazel eyes
It's driving me wild
Don't play with your hair the way you do
It becomes so hard to not look at you
Stop being so quiet yet so beautifully loud.
The cuteness in your silence
is as innocent as a child.
You're all i can see in this wild crowd
Secretly i pray you stay awhile.

I don't know who you are
I don't care if you are tough to get as a falling star
All i know i can't resist looking at you
i am trying so hard
yet can't find a way through.
Staring at you feels so true

Hey beautiful
I am sitting here staring
That you would come to me
And sit by me
Make me the lucky man
To hear your voice
To feel your touch
Hey Beautiful

Two  nights passed since i saw you
I may be with friends
I may be at work,
But all i can think of is
When will i see you again?.
Because my eyes surrendered to yours
The moment they saw you
This beautiful pain
Seems to have no end.

Where do you stay ?
How were you as a kid ?
Tell me all about the dreams you hid
share with me everything you havent told anyone
In me put all your faith and belief
and just look me in the eyes
And you will know
How beautiful you are
A voice within will tell you
We can make it far
We will make it through
I promise to love you the way no one has ever loved you

Hey Beautiful
I don’t want to hide anything from you
I want to tell you, about you I feel so true
I want to be your man
I want all your attention
Yet i can’t make a move
Please give me a sign
Please give me chance

Turn around and look at me
In these eyes burns an emotional fire
Please let me be your everything
Let me be your desire
I will never leave you
Never ignore you
Trust me beautiful
You are the song in my life
From my guitars broken string
To my unsung melodies
You are not just beautiful
You are MY Beautiful 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Sweet Story

I can see it in your eyes
It's the way you look.
I know how much you hate goodbyes
I can feel all the pain you took.

Life didn't give you much
But you still clinged on to it
Hoping For a better day
Every night with hope you slept.
In the end you always found yourself
Like an abandoned ship
Cold, empty and wet

Saw you sitting by the cotton tree
Alone with tears falling from your face.
I stood there and wondered
Who had brought sadness to such a beautiful face.

I sat beside you
And in no time we became friends
You held my hand
And in a sighing voice you asked
"Will I See You Again ?"

Days passed,
You gave me beautiful sleepless nights
Nights of stars in empty skies
And your thoughts.
No matter where i am
I think about you.

I know your scared
Just once hold my hand
And you will feel my tender love and care.
Please give me a chance.

I will give you my coat when you are cold
Hold you close forever.
Be the reason for your smile even when we are old.
My love for you can never be enough
Because This Is An Evergreen Love

When I close my eyes i see you
When i look at the gentle blue skies
I feel we can make it through.
I promise you
I will never leave you.

I am gonna love you
like nobody loved you
I want to be your everything.
Want to be the dream you dream.

I want to sleep with you forever
I want to spend my life together
I want to die in your arms
And i will make your world
better than ever.

Even After I Die
I Will Wait For You
Will Wait For Your Touch
From Somewhere Above
I Will Look At You
And Shower You With All My Love.

Just Give Me A Chance
To Give You What You Deserve
Together We Will Make The Sweetest Story
Ever heard.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Beautiful Day, Everyone is A Beggar In Some Way

Woke Up On A God Blessed Day
Thought It Will Be Good In It's Own Way
Had Forgotten I Am Born Somewhere
Where nothing goes anywhere.

Shouts, Fights thats what i saw
What i heard when i broke out
from the deep slumber
The fresh day took no time to become a nightmare.

Alone i left as always i did
On way to offer my prayers
Missed holding my fathers hand
My heart felt so heavy and it was so hard to bare.

On my way to bow down before the Almighty
I was lost in my thoughts wondering
Didn't know where i was going
The bright sunny day
was just more than dark to me.

Passing below the shadows of old trees
And i am just walking with my grief
Beggars all around on there knees
Asking For Money
Asking For A Life.

I heard a voice from behind,
turned around and saw a father holding his son
His son was blind.
The way he holded his fathers hand
The way his father had his arms around him
They sent a message of love
like a restless wind.

I don't know why i cried there
it was so hard to hold back my tears
I was missing something
something very bad.
Something i wish i had.

By the time the prayer was about to start
I felt this emptiness creeping into me
Some kind of loneliness
I felt in a crowd of more than hundreds
A pain i never pray that anyone would feel.

Sat among hundreds of strangers
but was a beggar of one
Something i couldn't even beg for
Beggar of love and care
Of my loved ones.

Was standing with my head
bowed down before God
But all i was doing
Was trying not to let my tears fall.

There was this pain i hated that i felt
I was quiet but shouting for help.
Prayers ended and so did my tears
Hugged the stangers
and asked for their blessing and prayers.

Came back the way i left
i heard nothing stays the same forever
but i also did hear family is always meant to be there.
It was my destiny to be alone
have so many people called My Own
But having them is like having a lifeless Stone.

Everyone in this world is a beggar
Among My Own I Am A Stranger.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Princess

It's 1 am still  i can't get any sleep
My eyes have tears,
But remembering the way she talked to me
My heart skips a beat.

She came like a princess
and as she left
Of my own fall i became a witness.
I can't even count the number of times i called her beautiful
Because she was so amazing
but just so illusional

Days passed
The truth with every minute was revealed
The girl i fell for
Came to my life
and got my fate sealed.

I followed her just like a dog,
when she felt pity
She turned around
And gave a smile.
It was more than enough for me to wait
Wait as i have to walk hundreds of miles
Just to see her again smile

Her beauty cannot be expressed in words
The way she talks
Will steal your heart away
Words coming from her beautiful lips
Will add a life to your day.
The depth in her eyes is like a never ending maze
once you get in you can never get out.
She is the girl one can only dream about.

Among the above truth's
Lies A Hidden Lie
Something held and kept so deep inside.
You will feel like a Prince around her
But you are no more than the other prince's in her life
Your kiss and love is worthless and can never wake this Snow White.

She had this beautiful spell over me
which i couldn't breaktrough
All along i knew it was wrong
But i ignored it because the feeling of being loved
and to love was something so amazing something so new.

Soon the dream was shattered
like million pieces of glasses
I woke myself up, to the truth with tears in my eyes
knowing the dream was better then reality.
And it was the dream that mattered.

Now i had to walk away from her
because i knew nothing was right nothing was true
i was just one of those guys from her life
whom she gave life to
splashed waves of colors
just to take it back again.
Reality is so ugly incompared to dreams
and for me things will never be the same.

You made me fall for you
with every beautiful words you used
but you were never there to hold my hand and save me.
I feel like a idiot who gave his heart too soon.
I am now walking away from you
Will not be the same person
whom you made feel like a fool.

You came in my life just to teach me a lesson
A page i would had loved to skip
and embrace the dream.
Because deep inside I am still the fool .
You  brought me in the middle of rain with an umbrella overhead
And within a blink of an eye you walked away
Through it all alone i will now search for a better day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The world we know

We know what love is
We have sight yet act blind towards it,
Open your eyes and see how the other half lives
I see you all don't care even a bit.

If you ask me what i want
I would ask you to look around,
Realize the truth we knew all along
There are lives lost and needs to be found.

I don't want presents wrapped with ribbons and strings
No i do not want fancy clothes or any expensive things,
Let me make this clear
There are people searching for just a helping hand,
People who live each day in gripping fear.

Have you seen the father without a hand trying to carry his crying son ?
The helplessness he feels.
Have you seen the blind one who cannot be even blinded by the sun ?
Even nature cannot make him see it's beauty
Have you seen the little kid standing outside the clothes store
Having nothing to cover his body yet desires so little,
Have you seen those dry tears falling from the face of unfortunate ones ?
Ones whose loved ones died of hunger with a desire of few crumbs.

The world we know now knows only one kind of love
Between a guy and a girl,
People are too busy weaving their fairytales
Stealing the winds out of their sails.

Let the windows of your hearts open
Share some faith love and peace,
Lets take a little break from our petty worries and pain
and pray for them whose life we cannot even imagine to live.

I pray everyone feels loved tonight,
Lets put some light of faith in those given up eyes,
Lets bring a smile on those dry lips
and let the music of laughter live over the fearful cries.

Give a flower to the one who needs some hope
Share some food with the hungry,cold and broke,
Love the ones to whom affection has never been shown
Such kindness will make you richer than gold.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Beautiful Disguise.

I stand by the sea at the shore
staring at the light blue sky,
Telling them how i don't love you anymore
Reciting the story of you me and the word WHY .

No one is around just the empty sky
and the sun the heart of it,
Life is weathering away like a life of a butterfly
And memories of moments i once lived.

I look up and a drop of rain falls on my face
I close eyes and imagine it being your touch,
In your heart save me place
I know this is a dream and please don't wake me up.

This blowing wind touching me with a calm grace
i imagine it to be your hair,
you gently feather it across my face
and i whisper your name as My Prayer.

The sweet breeze
So like the voice i always craved to hear,
It's putting my troubled heart at ease
As you whisper sweet nothingness in my ear.

Suddenly the rain stopped falling
and i feel your touch fading away,
The wind is lost somewhere
and like it my prayer has escaped,
The sweet breeze has changed it's direction
as if whispering in my ear was a mistake.

I open my eyes and i smile
i walk down back to reality,
The truth is no it doesn't make my life worth while
because this not how things are now supposed to be.

Your life and mine are now at different roads
Still the short journey i had with you
Makes me want it more,
I must say getting over you is still the hardest thing to do
But living with your memories
doesn't mean i still feel anything for you.

It were the memories which were made by you
based on lies,
Those never meant words which came from you
Were one beautiful disguise.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just there to blame

I sit somewhere below moonlight
Looking up at the sky,
Trying to make everyone understand every thing is right
I try to think it through
And all i do is see time passing by.

Nobody knows me
But they all know my name,
They keep blaming me for everything happening to me
But they don't care to share my pain
because they are just too busy to blame.

Can you feel what i feel every time i close my eyes
People talk to me but i don't know what to say,
Can you face those tearful goodbyes ?
Why don't you just take my place ?

You all question my silence
and stop me when i let out the pain,
You expect me to perform a miracle
and bring out the sunlight while it rains.

Can you hear my silence at all ?
The damage done because of the fall
Are you here for me at all ?
It's not about you blaming me
I am already at worst as i could have ever been.

I don't need you to judge me
You stand beside me still what you say
makes me feel more lonely.
It's just not easy because this sorrow is such a pain.
All i am doing is counting the endless days.

All i need is love
who will be with me throughout knowing who i am,
When a million eyes stare at me
The one will care to take a stand.

All i need is time
To let everyone know,
I am still the same
but i don't know where did the love go.

In a middle of a storm
We all need someone to hold our hand,
Someone who will keep it all safe
Even a name traced in sand.

We can help our loved ones in a million ways
But not every way turns out right,
Sometimes all they need is someone throughout the pain
Not someone who just shouts and blames.

A pen and a paper just to carve my thought below the moonlight,
not the best words chosen for the perfect expression,
And as i go off to lay my head down and take some rest for the night
Something lingered in my head as a question

When can we know that a love is truly right ? :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Beautiful Dream

I remember perfectly all
It was a warm summer noon
Under shades of trees, on the green grass i was lyin down
with my red baloon,
looking up at the sky
watching it soaring high.

I heard some noise,
rushing footsteps
and in a glimpse of an eye i saw you standing beside
with a little worry on your face
and shuttering voice.

With a little scared look on that beautiful face
you said you saw a snake
i did hear you but
you were so beautiful
and i perfectly remember you in your white dress.

I didn't like the tears running down from your face
i gave you my baloon and asked
" do you want to play " ?
you took it and gave an heartstealing smile.
I fell for you when i was nine.

You held my hand and asked to come with you
I didn't know who you were but i said yes
You took me by the river, we sat there and talked all day long
you became my new best friend even before i knew,
you tied a red ribbon on my hand asking to always keep it safe.

Everyday we met,
everyday we played.
When i look back at those days
It brings the young smile
which i had.
You were there when i needed someone
through the times of sadness and fun.

Seasons changed,
Time flew,
being with each other was our favorite thing to do.
Everytime you talked
i gazed at your lips
everywhere you looked
my eyes were like it was yours
in your way it moved.

We knew we were in love
but kept silent.

The moment came when i had to leave
the moment i was scared to face.
A night before we met
You were wearing my favorite dress,
i couldn't hold myself back from telling you how i felt
And before i spoke the words you said " Yes "

You gave me a kiss and we both cried,
stayed up all night in each others arms,
tears couldn't stop,
even the flow of river had stopped where our tears fell
and then i whispered in your ears
I would be back even before you know
You are the only thing i cherish the most.

I swear to god
When i left i couldn't stop crying,
my world had already started to feel so empty.

Nothing went as planned,
time and life betrayed us both
it almost took me a lifetime to return
i went by the river still having hope.

I couldn't find you there

I went to your home
you left me a letter saying
you did come back before i even knew
i waited for you by the river
and it was the best thing i had to do.
Now your here,
i can be in peace.
I Love You !

Now i stand by the river
with a box of your ashes and the red ribbon.
This heart feels so heavy and sad
i didn't get to hold you the way i wanted
I didn't get to kiss you the way i should had
I look at the sky trying to remember the times
and below in the river falls my tears and your ashes
Witnessing a story so sad so divine.

I won't cry i swear i won't cry
we were not with each other  yet were together
the story hasn't ended
we will meet once again young
the way we once met
We will spend more than one lifetime together
something we never did.
The fairytale will come true,
Lets just believe it was dream for what we went through.
I Know when I will open my eyes I will see you standing beside
With the smile of my dreams
My sweetheart.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

For Peace

One for the dreamer
who knows it will aways be a dream
One for the dying father
Who wants to see his son for one who left but never again seen
One for the crippled
Who desires to walk
Inside there heart are pain
they never let there lips talk

Pray for the brother
Who died even before being born
pray for the sailor
Who never made it through the storm
Give it up for the mother
who lost her child
One for the girl
whos love snatched away her smile.

Bow down to the almighty
Whos made nature betrayed us
Destroyed homes and stole lives
And just dosen't seem to have enough.
Save the children who are not treated as a child
Hurted, beaten and made to work all the time.
One for the women who lost his man when about to become a bride
Too numb to even shed a tear to cry.

One for the husband who left home kissing goodbye
but never made it back,
Pray for the person who knows he won't make it
but when with his family tries to fake a laugh.
The dead, the ones in pain, some still not found
Caused by merciless terror attacks
Some maybe alive but there hearts buried deep within the ground.

We know there is this pain residing within you
Your eyes cries what you all went through.
The beauty of rainbow wiped off your mind
by dust pain and fire.
Instead of a soothing music all you heard
was cries, pain and gunfire.

Believe in God and believe in us
The world is a bad place
But please reside a little trust.
We are on our knees with hand stretched beyond limits
Finding ways to make you believe
That we are here
There is Still Love And Care.
We won't let you go through the storm alone
Lets show everyone the love never heard of or known.

We can't bring back your loved ones,
they have parted
but we will be your mother, father, sister and son.
and let not you become steeley eyed and cold hearted
we will make it a better place with our love warmth and affection
And show the world how love heals even the deepest scars and burns.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let the sparks shine

You stand by the balcony floor
Wishing if you could drift with the wind,
You try to find yourself in someones music such as paramore
Because You find it just takes alot more than you have to win.

You feel you are alive but still buried deep in
You laugh but a sky of rain lies deep inside your eyes,
A voice keeps whispering you are nothing
Your not the lucky star which can shine.

Let all those voices be unheard,
Let the sparks within you ignite your soul,
Let those sparks be a flame which never cease to burn
To keep you warm even in the worst cold.

You tried so hard to find new roads
You believe you given in everything you had,
But still end up taking in major blows
And you live with a fake smile and a perfect act.

Shouting from the depth of your heart
Every night you sleep wishing you could start again,
And you witness all the promises caved in the dark
Every wishes end up with the word ' when ? '

Pull down the curtains
Let the sunlight fall on your face,
even the little drops of rain
and witness how it makes your day.

Stop worrying what the future holds
Embrace the moment and love without any shame,
Shine brighter than just the stars
There is always a rainbow after the hurricane.

Speak as if there is no tomorrow
Live like it's your last day
Believe sadness like it something existed a long time ago.
Let the your sparks shine so that it can seen from be far far away.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh You Drops From Heaven

Oh You Drops From Heaven
Why Am I Loving You So Much Today ?,
Who Gives You The Directions
There Is So Much I Want to Say.

Oh You Drops From Heaven
Is It You Or The Way You Fall,
You Sweep Away All The Pain
And Make Me Feel I Haven't Lived Life At All.

There's Such Serenity In Your Voice
When You Beautifully Touch The Ground,
I Get Nostalgic Thinking Of Child Days And The Old Toys
Which Today Is Lost In The Big World And Is Nowhere To Be Found.

Oh You Drops From Heaven
I Never Loved You So Much As I'm Loving You Today,
And As I'm Looking At The Faded Moon
I Feel Everything Is Beautiful In It's Own Special Way.

The Coolness Of The Air You bring
Is Reminding Me Of Someone Special,
Who I Was Trying To Forget All Along
Because I Know You Cant Get Everything You Want
And All The Way I Was Trying To Move On.

But Just For Tonight
I Want To Be Swept Away By Those Memories
And Put My Heart At Ease
Forget The Sorrows And Pain
Because My Tears Are Taken Away;

By The Angels
And Here You Are Bringing Their Message.

Oh You Tears From Heaven
Please Don't Fade Away
Just For Tonight Stay
So That I Can Close My Eyes
And Dream Of Just Me And Her Face To Face
Looking In The Eyes Of Each Other
And Say The Words That Wont Ever Be Said.

I'm Glad You Are Getting Louder
I Have A Friend For The Night
Who Was Watching Me All Along
Tonight He Expresses His Feelings
As Tears
For The Pain He Knew
I Kept Inside

Oh My Friend Somewhere From The Sky
Whenever She's  Sad Or She Cries
Please Pour Down Your Tears
And Let Me Know
That's It's the Time
When She Needs Me The Most.