Monday, December 12, 2011

Just there to blame

I sit somewhere below moonlight
Looking up at the sky,
Trying to make everyone understand every thing is right
I try to think it through
And all i do is see time passing by.

Nobody knows me
But they all know my name,
They keep blaming me for everything happening to me
But they don't care to share my pain
because they are just too busy to blame.

Can you feel what i feel every time i close my eyes
People talk to me but i don't know what to say,
Can you face those tearful goodbyes ?
Why don't you just take my place ?

You all question my silence
and stop me when i let out the pain,
You expect me to perform a miracle
and bring out the sunlight while it rains.

Can you hear my silence at all ?
The damage done because of the fall
Are you here for me at all ?
It's not about you blaming me
I am already at worst as i could have ever been.

I don't need you to judge me
You stand beside me still what you say
makes me feel more lonely.
It's just not easy because this sorrow is such a pain.
All i am doing is counting the endless days.

All i need is love
who will be with me throughout knowing who i am,
When a million eyes stare at me
The one will care to take a stand.

All i need is time
To let everyone know,
I am still the same
but i don't know where did the love go.

In a middle of a storm
We all need someone to hold our hand,
Someone who will keep it all safe
Even a name traced in sand.

We can help our loved ones in a million ways
But not every way turns out right,
Sometimes all they need is someone throughout the pain
Not someone who just shouts and blames.

A pen and a paper just to carve my thought below the moonlight,
not the best words chosen for the perfect expression,
And as i go off to lay my head down and take some rest for the night
Something lingered in my head as a question

When can we know that a love is truly right ? :)


  1. I love he quote you have posted. Every person does have a story.. And yes, we all need someone to hold on to, someone who will be there for us, and not someone who will blame us.
    I've said this before, and yes I'm telling this again.. I love your work. It always leaves me thinking.. Makes me look at things from different angles :)
    I hope I get ideas like you do by sitting under the moonlight :P

  2. The quote is so real..keep writing.