Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Will ( Forever And Always )

Here we are
in this secret place
The world seems so far away
Wrapped around in love's warm embrace.

Holding your hand and i am trying to look at you 
But my eyes just don't seem to meet yours ,
Because i find it amazingly beautiful

The clear moonlight from the gray skies
are reflecting in your eyes,
Your hair shimmers gently with wind
You are driving me so wild.

I am trying to be strong
Thinking of not meeting those soft lips
Don't get me wrong
Just want to seal my love with one kiss.

You are the picture perfect girl
The one of whom i thought of every night,
I cannot buy you diamonds and pearls
But being with you just feels so right.

I want to give you everything you ever wanted
I promise you will wake up everyday with a rose on your bed
I will whisper all that you need to hear
I will do things for you no one ever has done or said.

Will carry you to bed every night
Lie with you down beside till you close your eyes,
Wrap you in my arms
and turn off the lights.

Even when we grow old
i will wake you up with a kiss every sunrise,
Whenever you feel cold
I will cover you with a blanket every night.

We will dance in rain and snow
Will live every moment
Like there is no tomorrow.

I will never take you for granted
Will love you in every little way you wanted
Never let a tear fall from your face
Will be right next to you forever and always.

I will let the world know that you are the prettiest thing i have ever seen
And YOU are My Queen.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


How many tears will fall on the ground ?
From the silent eyes on the left charcoal and sulfur,
Gently blood stumbles from the wound down
Bullets and bodies can't seem get enough of one another.

The sounds of bullets raging out to other side
Taking down a father, brother, a friend,
The soldier lying down in his blood
with also million thoughts in his mind can't hear anything.

A gray cloud of dust has taken over the skies
Wherever he turns his eyes
He watches hatred and death,
His breath keeps gulping out as it's begging to be free
He thinks is this what he will remember as he draws his last breathe ?

His innocent childhood friend standing by him
Too busy taking others lives,
As he looks at the mud covering his boots
He remembers once it was something they played with and he smiles.

Suddenly from between the noise and echo
something drops and a shrill of silence can be heard
Followed with voices of cries and despair
and end of lives uttering incomplete words.

As his breathe gets dimmer with other lives
he sees his child
how he hugged him when he left home and tears he cried,
How he came running as the soldier walked out the door
He grabbed his fathers legs saying "daddy please don't go".

The night before he left flashes
How he held on to her the whole night,
Whispering all the love he could in her ears
Because somewhere they both knew it was the last time.

All the while brothers around him kept falling
but he didn't see the war,
He saw what he wanted to see
Not the bombs but a dream worth dying for.

He died with his eyes wide open
Now being just a worthless thing for them,
Packing his body in a box and they send him home
Stealing someone's family of their happiness and smile Again.

Once war starts and millions fall
they promise this would be the last
but then the blood shed in some way goes on,
This world is Hell-bent and heaven bound.
Thousands of die everyday over materials of this world
Intentions and motives not making sense and really unclear.
They want to live like immortals so they waste others lives
Too desperate to run from their wrong actions and deeds
Thinking the materials would keep em free from guilt at night.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fading Winter

Standing by this cold river
watching the leaves gently wither away
The beautiful memories seems to turn bitter
and with every passing second i seem to forget your face.

Everything is the same
The same beautiful cold moonlit night
The same silent empty lanes,
The same cold breeze gently flows through my hair
but my lips are forgetting your name.

Once these lanes heard my distant laughter
Once the light brightly fell on my smile
Brighter were the morning after
When i woke up listening to your voice,
Everything is the same,
Just me with a lost smile and your voice
Fading away.

These winds seems to have come from your direction

Touching my closed eyes,
Your face is slowly painted in my imagination
The picture is not clear but enough to make me smile.

It was not your mistake
It wasn't mine
What i felt you didn't
But i still wonder why ?
Everything is the same
But something is missing
These roads wind up back to my place
but the absence of what is missing has changed everything.

I gently lay my head down on my pillow
With your left memories bringing me some peace,
Like it's resting right beside me making me fall asleep,
while my eyes meets it's ends
I hear the thoughts of you and imagination fade away,
In an envelope of dreams away from one another
I am glad it is going away like the fading winter.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

You be the song

Here i see you walking by 
Looking so pretty like a sunshine 
You don't even know who am i 
I am just another guy in your life

A perfect picture defines how beautiful you are
But it's not enough for me 
I want to make you a melody
And sing out aloud. 

I want to take you out 
And live the time like crazy 
sing the song to the crowd 
and wrap your arms around me,
I wish i could play pause and repeat
and live the moments
the way i feel it's supposed to be.

I would sing about your beauty 
and would keep in on repeat 
About your pretty big eyes 
and how you sweep me off my feet, 
the smell of your hair in the sunlight
and amazingly how you are both bitter and sweet.

I'd write to let the world know about you 
i would not need to think hard 
because i would write straight from my heart 
and compose you like a melody perfected to art.

If i get it right 
they would sing along 
and when they see you somewhere 
they would know you are the girl from my song.