Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More than Loved

When you pass down the lane
They all turn around and look at you the same
Watching the beautiful sunlight shimmer through you hair
And I can not blame them

You are like a gentle flower that flows with the wind
I can see how the breeze loves to accompany you
and the bright sun shines and tries to make a shadow of yours like never before seen.

The way you move your eyes
A sweet pain passes through my heart,
Every time your feet touches the ground
I can feel the ground smiling in a disguise perfected to art

You are not something ordinary
nor are you angel-like,
Calling you an angel would be lie
because you are something more than just a heavenly delight.

Your eyes are deeper than any ocean,
Yet the reflection of skies can be clearly seen
I never believed in miracles
but now i have faith in the things unseen.

The small directions your hair sways
my heart seems to dance that way,
Whenever you pass by
the air fills up with a mesmerizing scent
It's like letters from heaven which were never sent.

I do not like them,
The ones who gets to be part of you everyday,
From the sun, to wind, to the rain touching your face.
You are on the moon while i stand on earth
if you come just a little close
I will show you what you are worth.

When the sun gets too bright to bear
I will gently come close to you
and blow some cool air,
When the rain is falling too hard
I will pull you under a shelter,
A lot of men will take you under their umbrella
but I will be the one to stand with you in the rain.
I cannot move the ground when it gets hard on your feet,
But i will be the one to stay up all night to take care of 'em
and gently kiss you on the forehead before you go to sleep.
I cannot be there in your bad dreams
but i will certainly be beside when you have one,
Because now i know what love actually does,
and all i know now is to make you feel more than loved.