Saturday, July 27, 2013

Her life and my soul

A step through the broken front door
into my room of heaven,
Every step away feels a distant shore
Hours seem to in arms of seconds.

If these dull dented walls could talk
They would tell your story,
How you ended up in a place like this
a place miserable with suffering and no glory.

I make way towards the stairs
their planks could crunch down with my cold feet
yet i am thankful to them
for taking me somewhere where i was complete

As i walk towards you i remember,
Remember your bright eyes in darkness of night,
Among the crowd of women selling their pride for money
I walked towards you and asked you to tell me your story ?

You looked at me with so much pain and smiled
Held my hand and brought me here,
You sat with me on bed and kept looking at me through the night
It was an amazing intoxicating atmosphere.

I am almost there
but the stairs seem to bend quite more,
Why is it trying to stop me ?
and why is there blood and glasses shattered on floor.

A voice echoes my name from behind
I turn around and see a woman,
She nods saying everything i didn't want to hear
She says there was a "madman".

I had no air to breathe suddenly
and i didn't want to cry
Didn't want to stench the happiness of her place with sadness
I turned around and kept walking towards you to say goodbye

I saw how he held her by hair and dragged her
From stairs to her room breaking her bangles,
All the while she looked at me and smiled
She was still in my sandcastle.

I walked into the shattered room
Nothing was the same to remember,
Blood quenched on bed where we lay together all night
Once it was warm with us in coldness of december.
I see her lying on the floor
and i see how he there took my life away from me
The broken vase beside you and your scars shouted
how you struggled to save me.

There was nothing left for me there
I stood outside the brothel
While they take you away in front of me
Blood on my hands and a very cold heart,
Tears iced in my eyes of your every scar

Who said love is when it stays with you all your life
Our story isn't incomplete nor our love
As i watch my world go by
I refuse say goodbye.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


My voice lost in someones happiness
Under warm sunlight i have no shadow,
I welcome the rose light at dawn
Everyday with pain agony and sorrow.

I fail everyday in making her happy
to her my small world's light is rainfall
I have given up everything i could gladly
Everything that defined me i parted from all.

When everything is gone
I am giving up bits of me slowly
For her sake i am barely holding on
Soon i will burn into ashes and just be a story
I even doubt that i'll last that long.

With every word from her lips
Wears out a little bit of my soul
Like in autumn the leaves from branches
and she always craves for more.

At once she says she's happy
another instant i am cursed,
Her use of words are so devastating
It's like whatever good i have done is reversed.

I now doubt my actions
Fear is now my closest friend,
because she doesn't like any emotion
Which doesn't starts and finishes at her end.

The truth is i cannot make her happy
I have given her everything i got
From promises to leave my birth existence
Everything for which i once fought.

So exhausted,
With her every word my faults are known
I do not know how to get rid of them
they are involuntary and not in my control.

I do not wish for death
Because somewhere i care for people beyond her
Which is something she cannot bear
Then is it death who stirs ?