Saturday, July 6, 2013


My voice lost in someones happiness
Under warm sunlight i have no shadow,
I welcome the rose light at dawn
Everyday with pain agony and sorrow.

I fail everyday in making her happy
to her my small world's light is rainfall
I have given up everything i could gladly
Everything that defined me i parted from all.

When everything is gone
I am giving up bits of me slowly
For her sake i am barely holding on
Soon i will burn into ashes and just be a story
I even doubt that i'll last that long.

With every word from her lips
Wears out a little bit of my soul
Like in autumn the leaves from branches
and she always craves for more.

At once she says she's happy
another instant i am cursed,
Her use of words are so devastating
It's like whatever good i have done is reversed.

I now doubt my actions
Fear is now my closest friend,
because she doesn't like any emotion
Which doesn't starts and finishes at her end.

The truth is i cannot make her happy
I have given her everything i got
From promises to leave my birth existence
Everything for which i once fought.

So exhausted,
With her every word my faults are known
I do not know how to get rid of them
they are involuntary and not in my control.

I do not wish for death
Because somewhere i care for people beyond her
Which is something she cannot bear
Then is it death who stirs ?