Friday, May 25, 2012

Pen and Emotions

I been staring at this paper
Trying to write anything,
Trying so hard to not let anyone down
But nothing is what it used to be.

Once there was a time
Writing was a pen to emotions in my heart and mind,
Feelings not known to anyone
Kept and buried deep inside.

What can i write
When i don't feel the same anymore,
Every bit of the old me seems to have disappeared
And I have no feelings to share or show.

Love were expressed and imaginative stories were made
To few it were wonderful while for others it were fine,
I penned down even the last drop which I could not say
My emotions together with an essence of rhyme.

I do not know why I cannot fill this blank paper
May it be because I am not the same anymore,
Even while writing this I try and wonder
How can emptiness be showed ?

With this I bid farewell to this use of pen and paper
With this I accept the truth,
It is pointless to pick up a pen and express never
It was a phase like a grass covered with a dew.

I am sorry to disappoint
I tried real hard,
Consider this the end of a phase
Like a temporary beating of a dead heart