Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anytime soon

It's been 6 months and my heart still lives in past
Every minute it watched you forget me so fast
You left me with so many unanswered questions
Leaving me with nothing of everything that i had.

I stood there with my eyes wide open
Wondering what had happened
I tried not to close my eyes
never wanted to lose the picture of you from my mind
but within a blink of eye
i lost you
but then i realized i never had you.

My mind wonders what were you thinking
Was it just another game you were playing  ?
If you were i must say,
You are really good at this game.

You threw me off guard with your first text
a song from Avril Lavigne called Girlfriend,
Even after so long i can say
That was the most beautiful night.
Even at the worst it brings out a bright smile

You knew when i faked a laugh
You used to fix my every grammatical mistake
I still remember those long waits for your call
While you were busy thinking of someone else.

It feels bad to know that i wasn't good enough for you
Even when we were together i really found everything to be unreal
I tried making myself understand that it was happening
but who expects to find a beautiful rose in a battlefield.

I hope wherever you are
You find someone for yourself soon
To count the stars with you at night
Below the beautiful lit moon.

My best wishes will always be with you
And as things are going i don't think so
that i will be able to forget you anytime soon.

Never Happened Cinderella Story

Singing and hopping by the gentle river
Dancing with the grass and flowers
was a girl
A name common and story being
Yet it is well known to everyone in the end,
It's just a Fairtytale.

Two evil sisters and a step mother
A Fairy and a beautiful chariot of dreams
Fulfilling her wishes
Presenting her as the beauty queen,
A gown of every girls dreams
A prince charming and how she becomes his need.

Every fairytale meets an ending
Always happy and always evergreen,
No one cares to know what happens after that
If the puzzles perfectly fit
Heres a story of cindrella and the word " if "

In the tide of the night
She left following the moon to get the sunlit rose
Just her way to say sorry for she had a little fight,
With her charming.
For he was her life
Her breathe
Her Fairlytale
Her Safe Shore During A Raging Tide.

The prince lost in her thoughts
was sitting by the cabin near the river,
Thinking why had they fought
and came out with nothing, for no reason.
He went back to cabin in search for her
Expecting to wipe off her every little single tear drop
but she wasn't there.

Deep into the forest she had gone
Where at night the darkest fears comes alive,
But for Cinderella what was for the moonlight was not in the dawn,
In search for the rare rose in the dark night
Her love was what she had her hopes pinned on.

3 lonely nights passed
Cinderella didn't come back
and all charming could do is look for her.
For every lane in the city,
Every house he searched thoroughly,
For little he knew that Cinderella had gone into the forbidden forest,
Risking her life
Just to get her apology.

The tears he thought of wiping off from cindrellas face
became his best friend
for they runned down from his eyes every now and then.
After there happy ever after happened
Godfairy mother left
For the fairytale was The End.

Not less than a year passed
The prince was all broken and shattered
All he did was recalling the past
He wished it never happened
and Cinderella would had been sitting beside him near the river
Holding hands
And talked like a wind whispering.

The prince fell asleep while sitting by the river
With the first stroke of the sunlight
he opened his heavily laid eyes.
He saw a Rose lying infront of him,
Colors of the moon and sun combined
A beauty which cannot be defined
He picked it up
It had Cinderella's Scent,
He looked at it and threw it in the river
And it was taken away my the stream.
Just a lovers anger and lament
It was not that he didn't liked the rose
It wasn't that it helped to soften the blow
The prince hated that flower
for it was the reason Cinderella was no more
He didn't needed any apology
for all he wanted was to be with his love
She was his unsung Destiny.

He rubbed his tearful eyes and got up
Looked up at the sky then looked below
Saw a piece of Cinderella's cloth
He picked it up and looked at it
and said,
" Wish I Could Rewrite This Fairytale "

He walked away.

Life is not a fairytale
It can never be
there can be moments,
But in the end we all face reality.
But that dosen't mean
Everything about fairytales are not real,
They Give Us Hopes, Dreams And Emotions
Just Like This Never Happened Cinderella Story

Tell them what you're worth

You stand by the balcony floor
Wishing if you could drift with the wind,
You try to find yourself in someones music such as paramore
Because you find it just takes alot more than you have to win.

You feel you are alive but still buried deep in
You laugh but a sky of rain lies deep inside your eyes,
A voice keeps whispering you are nothing
Your not the lucky star which can shine.

Let all those voices be unheard,
Let the sparks within you ignite your soul
Let those sparks be a flame which never cease to burn
To keep you warm even in the worst cold.

You tried so hard to find new roads
You believe you given in everything you had,
But still end up taking in major blows
And you live with a fake smile and a perfect act.

Shouting from the depth of your heart
Every night you sleep wishing you could start again
And you witness all the promises caved in the dark
Every wishes end up with the word ' when ? '

Pull down the curtains
Let the sunlight fall on your face,
even the little drops of rain
and witness how it makes your day.

Stop worrying what the future holds
Embrace the moment and love without any shame
Shine brighter than just the stars
There is always a rainbow after the hurricane.

Speak as if there is no tomorrow
Live like it's your last day
Believe sadness like it something existed a long time ago.
Let the your sparks shine so that it can seen from be far far away

When you leave someones soul shattered behind,                  It gets impossible to be just even fine

How i love french fries :')

When storm approaches everyone swims to the shore.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A day for the things he wanted to say

You wake up and you see her face
resting on pillow beside you,
her arms wrapped around you,
Her eyes closed but lost in your sweet embrace.

You turn around and you stare at her for a while
Wondering how this girl has colored your life,
You move your lips close to her eyes
kissed them
and it felt alot like paradise.

I can't believe she is better than the stars
Imagining the way she filled this empty heart,
She is all your life
All you wish to find
it seems like it's snowing in July.

The sound of her voice is the
Music of love you sing,
For every touch from her
you will do anything.

It's a lovely day,
Keep everything that keeps you busy, away
and let it rain.
Pull the curtains
and just be together for the whole day,
You got so much to say.

"I just want to be lost in your eyes
and there spend my life,
I want to hold you so close
closer than anyone has hold you close

Time flies and love fades away,
but i will keep our love in my heart deep inside
like a rose frozen alive
Keeping our love through the tides of time.

You're all i wanted much then more,
and i am glad i told you on time
and the Magic Is Born.

When you're not around
This soul gets so lost that it can never be found
but whenever it see's you coming to me
It becomes more alive then it could ever be.

Let the cloud play there music of rain
and drench all our worries and pain
for this day is ours
Just Ours.

After it's done
We will color our love with the color of
the rainbow,
For when we grow old
We would remember these moments
Just like siver threads in a garden of gold.

You grew tired of me.

It feels i heard you say i love you yesterday
but today when i open my eyes,
i see myself replaced.

All my friends call me mad for falling for you
I want to take your name
But i am afraid of losing them,
But the truth is your voice plays back in my head every now and then

Was he better than me ?
Did he make you laugh the way i did ?
I might be wrong
Please tell me it hurt you too to leave me, even a bit.

I never let a tear fall from your face,
Loved you like i never loved anyone else.
I wonder why in my life you came
When you had plans to leave me
And let nothing stay the same.

Did you forget all the plans we made ?
The way i called your name,
The way i said i would hold you
How i would shout out aloud
That you're my Only in the world
My only girl :)

How you would wait for me
and i would come from behind
Pull you to me,
Take you in my arms
Oh it would be such a sweet thing,
We would go for a long drive in my car,
Later night we would sit and together count the stars.

You said it was all a mistake
it broke my heart and you left,
I don't know how many tears hit the floor,
I try so hard hating you,
There is no point in pretending anymore.

Let the stars fall
For i don't ever want to count them.
let you be wiped off my mind
I don't ever want me to call your name.

If you wanted to break my heart
Be happy, it's working.
It hurts more
You haven't turned around to see,
It shows you never felt anything for me.

The guy in your heart should have had been me,
I tried so hard but i don't know where i went wrong,
All i know the person you dream to live and laugh with
Should have had been me.

I guess i should have just walked away from you,
The more i love you the more you hate me
I can see it in you,
in your eyes
How you get irritated from me.

This will be my final goodbye to you,
my pen won't ever carve your name,
My thoughts will give it's best not to recall you.
I had enough of this game.

If i ever could

Every night i woke up with tears in my eyes
It was my sadness in a disguise ,
Coming out of every broken memory from my mind
For there it couldn't find any place to hide.

Now i can fade away those thoughts and memories
With every thoughts of you just so easily,
I don't want to run no more
I want to have my faith back
You make me feel so different then i ever felt so before,
I want my beautiful thoughts and feelings which i had.

I thought i was right about being alone
Promised i wouldn't let anyone come close,
I thought i was better of on my own
But then you happened,
like a rain in a dry desert you brought hope.

One smile of yours made my walls all come down
The shower of your laughter is building a home inside
Inside this heart which had always been kicked around,
The light in your eyes makes me feel like pouring rain
So beautiful so Alive.

I know if i ever could fall for someone
it's gonna be you.
Your heart and mine,
together is nature's perfect design,
if it's gonna be someone
It's gonna be you ,
because i can write a book about you with a stroke of my pen
you give me a reason to start again.

People take love just as some complain,
like there is no forever and it's just a game.
For you and me it's gonna be a soft summer rain
and in the end only beautiful memories will remain.

I can't take you on a rainbow
nor i could carry you on my back and fly
but i promise to never let you go
and hold your hand through everything  till end of time.

But in the end i am just a guy
wanting to be your man
i swear there is something between us
something so much more
but still unknown,
and the more i come close to you
it feels like i am coming home.

I never thought i could love anyone else,
and then she just left.
To love someone again was something i just didn't had,
i chose to be alone to keep myself safe
but then you came and threw away all my plans.

I will put you in a melody and sing out aloud
let everyone know that your all that my life is now about.
Somewhere deep inside
i prayed  someone to find
with whom i could share my life
a love so true,
and if it's gonna be someone
It's gonna be you.

Breath Away

He walks down the aisle
with her father holding her hand,
flowers scenting and spread across the hall
and she walks down to her man.

Her heart is beating so hard
but a smile cherishes across her face,
with the feeling that she is the one
for the guy standing to take her away.

He gently lifts her veil
and looks at the her
After all these days
He still wonders how she still takes his breath away.

She raises her head with her eyes looking for him
He while stays there and stares,
A beautiful feeling is felt by everyone inside
Suddenly there is some magic in the air.

When all the promises are said and done
He gently wraps her around his arms
And there lips meet softly
With love they welcome the days about to come
and the feeling of never being lonely.

After all these years they still are together,
he still holds her in his arms
while her breath escapes her grasp
He knows she is fading away like a shooting star.

He closed his eyes
to drift away to the day they met,
While she brings him close and whispers in his ear
It's time for the sun to set.

A sudden rush of tears of him
Fell on her skin
She smiled at him like she never did before,
He thought it was all meant to happen together
but here she was leaving him before.

All those memories flashed in front of his eyes
and he kept looking at her
Slowly her breathe faded away into the empty skies
and she left saying those three comforting words.

Wiping away the tears across his face
he said 'after all these years you still take my breath away, but you were the one who gave it back
i cannot live without you in my life, it feels like praying without believing without you by my side'
With a sudden rush of feelings and tears he too smiled and closed his eyes
and they kept the promise of staying together till the end of time.