Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tell them what you're worth

You stand by the balcony floor
Wishing if you could drift with the wind,
You try to find yourself in someones music such as paramore
Because you find it just takes alot more than you have to win.

You feel you are alive but still buried deep in
You laugh but a sky of rain lies deep inside your eyes,
A voice keeps whispering you are nothing
Your not the lucky star which can shine.

Let all those voices be unheard,
Let the sparks within you ignite your soul
Let those sparks be a flame which never cease to burn
To keep you warm even in the worst cold.

You tried so hard to find new roads
You believe you given in everything you had,
But still end up taking in major blows
And you live with a fake smile and a perfect act.

Shouting from the depth of your heart
Every night you sleep wishing you could start again
And you witness all the promises caved in the dark
Every wishes end up with the word ' when ? '

Pull down the curtains
Let the sunlight fall on your face,
even the little drops of rain
and witness how it makes your day.

Stop worrying what the future holds
Embrace the moment and love without any shame
Shine brighter than just the stars
There is always a rainbow after the hurricane.

Speak as if there is no tomorrow
Live like it's your last day
Believe sadness like it something existed a long time ago.
Let the your sparks shine so that it can seen from be far far away

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