Thursday, September 18, 2014


Broken, lying on the ground
With bruises from the war,
Dreaming of the touch of water at your shore.
Breathing with a passion lost
and a pounding heart giving in,
I know IT comes as sweat beams down my skin.

The dust bids farewell
When my breath pours down on it
There is none but your name on my lips
Eyes embracing darkness
Like a lost love found
The cost of freedom seems to exist under the ground.

As the air whispers words in my ears
Soul stuck in my throat
I recognize those lines and surrounds me a shield of hope.
I hold on in desperation
To hear what you have to say more,
Your words ignites a line
A line that says i myself am a cure.

I get up
from my knees
As some strength i summon,
I see your guardians surrounding,saying
And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion. (3:185)

This world is a war
With words as guns and grenades
Filled with endless misery and heartache.
In between from the dark smoke
Your words guides me
To take the hand of every fallen and needy.
And I rise up
With more than just strength,
I say to your angels,
"I shall do more because to some it still doesn't make any sense"

As they leave
they light up the sky,
Let us make sure
To help the lost get back their lives.
There is more to us than ourselves
A little kindness and love our weapons
To help them escape their hells.