Saturday, October 15, 2011

Never Happened Cinderella Story

Singing and hopping by the gentle river
Dancing with the grass and flowers
was a girl
A name common and story being
Yet it is well known to everyone in the end,
It's just a Fairtytale.

Two evil sisters and a step mother
A Fairy and a beautiful chariot of dreams
Fulfilling her wishes
Presenting her as the beauty queen,
A gown of every girls dreams
A prince charming and how she becomes his need.

Every fairytale meets an ending
Always happy and always evergreen,
No one cares to know what happens after that
If the puzzles perfectly fit
Heres a story of cindrella and the word " if "

In the tide of the night
She left following the moon to get the sunlit rose
Just her way to say sorry for she had a little fight,
With her charming.
For he was her life
Her breathe
Her Fairlytale
Her Safe Shore During A Raging Tide.

The prince lost in her thoughts
was sitting by the cabin near the river,
Thinking why had they fought
and came out with nothing, for no reason.
He went back to cabin in search for her
Expecting to wipe off her every little single tear drop
but she wasn't there.

Deep into the forest she had gone
Where at night the darkest fears comes alive,
But for Cinderella what was for the moonlight was not in the dawn,
In search for the rare rose in the dark night
Her love was what she had her hopes pinned on.

3 lonely nights passed
Cinderella didn't come back
and all charming could do is look for her.
For every lane in the city,
Every house he searched thoroughly,
For little he knew that Cinderella had gone into the forbidden forest,
Risking her life
Just to get her apology.

The tears he thought of wiping off from cindrellas face
became his best friend
for they runned down from his eyes every now and then.
After there happy ever after happened
Godfairy mother left
For the fairytale was The End.

Not less than a year passed
The prince was all broken and shattered
All he did was recalling the past
He wished it never happened
and Cinderella would had been sitting beside him near the river
Holding hands
And talked like a wind whispering.

The prince fell asleep while sitting by the river
With the first stroke of the sunlight
he opened his heavily laid eyes.
He saw a Rose lying infront of him,
Colors of the moon and sun combined
A beauty which cannot be defined
He picked it up
It had Cinderella's Scent,
He looked at it and threw it in the river
And it was taken away my the stream.
Just a lovers anger and lament
It was not that he didn't liked the rose
It wasn't that it helped to soften the blow
The prince hated that flower
for it was the reason Cinderella was no more
He didn't needed any apology
for all he wanted was to be with his love
She was his unsung Destiny.

He rubbed his tearful eyes and got up
Looked up at the sky then looked below
Saw a piece of Cinderella's cloth
He picked it up and looked at it
and said,
" Wish I Could Rewrite This Fairytale "

He walked away.

Life is not a fairytale
It can never be
there can be moments,
But in the end we all face reality.
But that dosen't mean
Everything about fairytales are not real,
They Give Us Hopes, Dreams And Emotions
Just Like This Never Happened Cinderella Story


  1. I so love this ! <3

  2. Thank You Dishi :D
    Woohoo first comment i got here :D

  3. I remember reading this before and loving it~ :) Really nice! ^_^