Friday, October 14, 2011

You grew tired of me.

It feels i heard you say i love you yesterday
but today when i open my eyes,
i see myself replaced.

All my friends call me mad for falling for you
I want to take your name
But i am afraid of losing them,
But the truth is your voice plays back in my head every now and then

Was he better than me ?
Did he make you laugh the way i did ?
I might be wrong
Please tell me it hurt you too to leave me, even a bit.

I never let a tear fall from your face,
Loved you like i never loved anyone else.
I wonder why in my life you came
When you had plans to leave me
And let nothing stay the same.

Did you forget all the plans we made ?
The way i called your name,
The way i said i would hold you
How i would shout out aloud
That you're my Only in the world
My only girl :)

How you would wait for me
and i would come from behind
Pull you to me,
Take you in my arms
Oh it would be such a sweet thing,
We would go for a long drive in my car,
Later night we would sit and together count the stars.

You said it was all a mistake
it broke my heart and you left,
I don't know how many tears hit the floor,
I try so hard hating you,
There is no point in pretending anymore.

Let the stars fall
For i don't ever want to count them.
let you be wiped off my mind
I don't ever want me to call your name.

If you wanted to break my heart
Be happy, it's working.
It hurts more
You haven't turned around to see,
It shows you never felt anything for me.

The guy in your heart should have had been me,
I tried so hard but i don't know where i went wrong,
All i know the person you dream to live and laugh with
Should have had been me.

I guess i should have just walked away from you,
The more i love you the more you hate me
I can see it in you,
in your eyes
How you get irritated from me.

This will be my final goodbye to you,
my pen won't ever carve your name,
My thoughts will give it's best not to recall you.
I had enough of this game.

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