Friday, October 14, 2011

A day for the things he wanted to say

You wake up and you see her face
resting on pillow beside you,
her arms wrapped around you,
Her eyes closed but lost in your sweet embrace.

You turn around and you stare at her for a while
Wondering how this girl has colored your life,
You move your lips close to her eyes
kissed them
and it felt alot like paradise.

I can't believe she is better than the stars
Imagining the way she filled this empty heart,
She is all your life
All you wish to find
it seems like it's snowing in July.

The sound of her voice is the
Music of love you sing,
For every touch from her
you will do anything.

It's a lovely day,
Keep everything that keeps you busy, away
and let it rain.
Pull the curtains
and just be together for the whole day,
You got so much to say.

"I just want to be lost in your eyes
and there spend my life,
I want to hold you so close
closer than anyone has hold you close

Time flies and love fades away,
but i will keep our love in my heart deep inside
like a rose frozen alive
Keeping our love through the tides of time.

You're all i wanted much then more,
and i am glad i told you on time
and the Magic Is Born.

When you're not around
This soul gets so lost that it can never be found
but whenever it see's you coming to me
It becomes more alive then it could ever be.

Let the cloud play there music of rain
and drench all our worries and pain
for this day is ours
Just Ours.

After it's done
We will color our love with the color of
the rainbow,
For when we grow old
We would remember these moments
Just like siver threads in a garden of gold.

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