Friday, October 14, 2011

If i ever could

Every night i woke up with tears in my eyes
It was my sadness in a disguise ,
Coming out of every broken memory from my mind
For there it couldn't find any place to hide.

Now i can fade away those thoughts and memories
With every thoughts of you just so easily,
I don't want to run no more
I want to have my faith back
You make me feel so different then i ever felt so before,
I want my beautiful thoughts and feelings which i had.

I thought i was right about being alone
Promised i wouldn't let anyone come close,
I thought i was better of on my own
But then you happened,
like a rain in a dry desert you brought hope.

One smile of yours made my walls all come down
The shower of your laughter is building a home inside
Inside this heart which had always been kicked around,
The light in your eyes makes me feel like pouring rain
So beautiful so Alive.

I know if i ever could fall for someone
it's gonna be you.
Your heart and mine,
together is nature's perfect design,
if it's gonna be someone
It's gonna be you ,
because i can write a book about you with a stroke of my pen
you give me a reason to start again.

People take love just as some complain,
like there is no forever and it's just a game.
For you and me it's gonna be a soft summer rain
and in the end only beautiful memories will remain.

I can't take you on a rainbow
nor i could carry you on my back and fly
but i promise to never let you go
and hold your hand through everything  till end of time.

But in the end i am just a guy
wanting to be your man
i swear there is something between us
something so much more
but still unknown,
and the more i come close to you
it feels like i am coming home.

I never thought i could love anyone else,
and then she just left.
To love someone again was something i just didn't had,
i chose to be alone to keep myself safe
but then you came and threw away all my plans.

I will put you in a melody and sing out aloud
let everyone know that your all that my life is now about.
Somewhere deep inside
i prayed  someone to find
with whom i could share my life
a love so true,
and if it's gonna be someone
It's gonna be you.

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