Friday, October 14, 2011

Breath Away

He walks down the aisle
with her father holding her hand,
flowers scenting and spread across the hall
and she walks down to her man.

Her heart is beating so hard
but a smile cherishes across her face,
with the feeling that she is the one
for the guy standing to take her away.

He gently lifts her veil
and looks at the her
After all these days
He still wonders how she still takes his breath away.

She raises her head with her eyes looking for him
He while stays there and stares,
A beautiful feeling is felt by everyone inside
Suddenly there is some magic in the air.

When all the promises are said and done
He gently wraps her around his arms
And there lips meet softly
With love they welcome the days about to come
and the feeling of never being lonely.

After all these years they still are together,
he still holds her in his arms
while her breath escapes her grasp
He knows she is fading away like a shooting star.

He closed his eyes
to drift away to the day they met,
While she brings him close and whispers in his ear
It's time for the sun to set.

A sudden rush of tears of him
Fell on her skin
She smiled at him like she never did before,
He thought it was all meant to happen together
but here she was leaving him before.

All those memories flashed in front of his eyes
and he kept looking at her
Slowly her breathe faded away into the empty skies
and she left saying those three comforting words.

Wiping away the tears across his face
he said 'after all these years you still take my breath away, but you were the one who gave it back
i cannot live without you in my life, it feels like praying without believing without you by my side'
With a sudden rush of feelings and tears he too smiled and closed his eyes
and they kept the promise of staying together till the end of time.

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