Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Tragic Beautiful Dream

I remember perfectly all
It was a warm summer noon
Under shades of trees, on the green grass i was lyin down
with my red baloon,
looking up at the sky
watching it soaring high.

I heard some noise,
rushing footsteps
and in a glimpse of an eye i saw you standing beside
with a little worry in your face
and shuttering voice.

With a little scared look on that beautiful face
you said you saw a snake
i did hear you but
you were so beautiful
and i perfectly remember you in your white dress.

I didn't liked the tears running down from your face
i gave you my baloon and asked
" do you want to play " ?
you took it and gave an heartstealing smile.
I fell for you when i was nine.

You held my hand and asked to come with you
I didn't know who you were but i said yes
You took me by the river, we sat there and talked all day long
you became my new best friend even before i knew,
you tied a red ribbon on my hand asking to always keep it safe.

Everyday we met,
everyday we played.
When i look back at those days
It brings the young smile
which i had.
You were there when i needed someone
through the times of sadness and fun.

Seasons changed,
Time flew,
being with eachother was our favorite thing to do.
Everytime you talked
i gazed at your lips
everywhere you looked
my eyes were like it was yours
in your way it moved.

We knew we were in love
but kept silent.

The moment came when i had to leave
the moment i was scared to face.
A night before we met
You were wearing my favorite dress,
i couldn't hold myself back from telling you how i felt
And before i spoke the words you said " Yes "

You gave me a kiss and we both cried,
stayed up all night in each others arms,
tears couldn't stop,
even the flow of river had stopped where our tears fell
and then i whispered in your ears
I would be back even before you know
You are the only thing i cherish the most.

I swear to god
When i left i couldn't stop crying,
my world had already started to feel so empty.

Nothing went as planned,
time and life betrayed us both
it almost took me a lifetime to return
i went by the river with still having hope.

I couldn't find you there

I went to your home
you left me a letter saying
you did come back before i even knew
i waited for you by the river
and it was the best thing i had to do.
Now your here,
i can be in peace.
I Love You !

Now i stand by the river
with a box of your ashes and the red ribbon.
This heart feels so heavy and sad
i didn't get to hold you the way i wanted
I didn't get to kiss you the way i should had
I look at the sky trying to remember the times
and below in the river falls my tears and your ashes
Witnessing a story so sad so divine.

I won't cry i swear i won't cry
we were not with each other  yet were together
the story hasn't ended
we will meet once again young
the way we once met
We will spend more than one lifetime together
something we never did.
The fairytale will come true,
Lets just believe it was dream for what we went through.
I Know when I will open my eyes I will see you standing beside
With the smile of my dreams
My sweetheart. <3


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