Monday, February 25, 2013


When do you plan to start again ?
You legs seem to not to move,
Yet you try to walk on broken glass
You try so hard yet you have nothing left to prove.

The rain pouring outside your window
You watched it fall drop by drop,
Now they are just some sound
Just like trying to crawl after you learned to walk.

You have been dormant long enough
Take a good look around,
Their souls eagerly wait
To feel and hear your imagination and its sound.

Show the colours and pictures in your head
Wrap them in your words like a warm winter blanket,
Keep your words simple like you always have
So that it even unfolds the mind of less fortunate.

You lack inspiration and emotion
so write about how it feels to be this,
it never has been penned to impress people
for you it is to express what your mind perceives .

It is time to try and get it all back
or just make a fresh start,
Love and pain is both in the air
and there's nothing in the world like that.

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