Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I don't know what i will do now
Now that you are gone,
This house feels so alone
How will i keep my mother strong ?

She loves you in such countless ways
Kept you away from any harm,
Treated you like her little baby
Even when you were all grown.

We fought so much
So much wrong things i said to you,
I don't know why i am not brave enough
To bow my head down and apologize right to you.

Please don't feel i won't miss you
because i already am,
Don't trust my expressions
because my tears are blocking my imagination.

I can't stop crying
thinking how am i going to survive without you
Those stupid fights
And those little things i brought just to fix things through.

Who is going to fix my computer,
Bhai ?
I will have no one to call to,
Who will understand my dreams
and make ammi abbu understand to

Ammi is going to miss you so much
I can't be her favorite,
I can't be what you are to her
and things you said to make her day.

Words can't explain how empty this house is
Who is going to complain about ammi's food ?
But you will still have it
When mom said "aao apne haat se khila du".

I know you are out there
To fulfill your dreams
And to fulfill mine,
Believe in yourself
because i am telling you
You're God's one amazing design.

I will try my best to keep ammi and abbu happy
But i won't be able to do what you did,
There is a reason they looked after you so much
Because you have a spectacular and magnificent gift.

Stay strong
and believe,
If someone cause you problem
I will come right down there and break his teeth.
You can count on me now
i will try my best

You have our duas

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