Sunday, January 8, 2012

You be the song

Here i see you walking by 
Looking so pretty like a sunshine 
You don't even know who am i 
I am just another guy in your life

A perfect picture defines how beautiful you are
But it's not enough for me 
I want to make you a melody
And sing out aloud. 

I want to take you out 
And live the time like crazy 
sing the song to the crowd 
and wrap your arms around me,
I wish i could play pause and repeat
and live the moments
the way i feel it's supposed to be.

I would sing about your beauty 
and would keep in on repeat 
About your pretty big eyes 
and how you sweep me off my feet, 
the smell of your hair in the sunlight
and amazingly how you are both bitter and sweet.

I'd write to let the world know about you 
i would not need to think hard 
because i would write straight from my heart 
and compose you like a melody perfected to art.

If i get it right 
they would sing along 
and when they see you somewhere 
they would know you are the girl from my song.


  1. So wonderful, love it! :) Keep sharing more inspiring and romantic poem, you really have the heart in poet! Keep it up! :)

  2. Thank You for all your support :)
    Really means a lot to me :)

    i will definitely keep sharing my emotions and feelings :)

  3. This was an amazing poem =) Great job. She's one lucky girl ;D

  4. And your writing creates such a beautiful melody :)

  5. Areesha - Thank You Miss :)

    Juhi - Always looking forward for your reviews :)

  6. Yes yes, your words are straight from the heart...Beautifully written :)

  7. Your poetries are really so heartfelt.. Never let the poet in you die. :)

    Keep it up!

  8. So easy to understand yet hits reality with a bang! This was composed awesomely!

  9. Such a beautiful poetry.
    Keep the melody alive :)