Saturday, December 31, 2011

Talking to the years :)

Dear 2011,
You have been both nice and not so nice to me, to be honest you are not be blamed for the bad part because it is our decisions and choices which causes misery and troubles and yes of course some are just natural.Life ain't bed of roses as we all want it to be, there will be ups and downs so will there be in 2012 and in the coming years.Just want to thank you for the good things which was brought to me, God been pretty nice to me providing me food, shelter and whatever which is necessary and at times more than just expected :)
The most beautiful thing that happened this year was that i had found love and one of the worst was that i lost it as well.Life always comes with experiences, i don't think we should blame you for it.As i scroll down my facebook homepage i see people blaming YOU for their miseries and troubles.I really do not know why people are so weak at accepting their own weakness and troubles in making correct decisions.Yes there are few things which are out of our control so what ?
As i said before life cannot be perfect, it will have it's ups and downs.Sometimes things may go really down the hill and sometimes up the hill and it is just weird that people just notice the bad things happened to them not the good ones.My blog dashboard is filled with notes to you, some state extreme hatred and disappointment.I wonder how can just a man made day cause so much trouble to the world ?

The world really needs to think properly i guess.
But there is something common among everyone, They all expect the coming year to be way much better.
 - Laughs -
I thought most people believe that world will end in the year 2012.I am pretty sure if a person commits suicide this year poor 2012 will be blamed for it and yeah how can we forget GOD.

PS 2012
I am VERY SURE you are going to be the MOST abused and disgraced year, way much than 2011 is going through at the moment :D



  1. 'it is just weird that people just notice the bad things happened to them not the good ones' Very true.

    Happy New Year =) Btw, LOVE your poetry =)

  2. Happy new year!:) We all wanted the best, but we need to work harder and strive for it! :)May the guidance of our dear God always around us to be able to cope in new life of journey. God bless us all..:)

  3. Areesha- Thank You :)
    Thank you for all your support :)
    Happy New Year Miss :)

    Sagittarian - I LOVE YOUR BLOG BY THE WAY :)
    Always a refreshing read :)
    Happy New Year !

  4. Happy New year.. may god fulfill all your wishes this year, and life will be complimented.