Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Beautiful

Don't look at me with those hazel eyes
It's driving me wild
Don't play with your hair the way you do
It becomes so hard to not look at you
Stop being so quiet yet so beautifully loud.
The cuteness in your silence
is as innocent as a child.
You're all i can see in this wild crowd
Secretly i pray you stay awhile.

I don't know who you are
I don't care if you are tough to get as a falling star
All i know i can't resist looking at you
i am trying so hard
yet can't find a way through.
Staring at you feels so true

Hey beautiful
I am sitting here staring
That you would come to me
And sit by me
Make me the lucky man
To hear your voice
To feel your touch
Hey Beautiful

Two  nights passed since i saw you
I may be with friends
I may be at work,
But all i can think of is
When will i see you again?.
Because my eyes surrendered to yours
The moment they saw you
This beautiful pain
Seems to have no end.

Where do you stay ?
How were you as a kid ?
Tell me all about the dreams you hid
share with me everything you havent told anyone
In me put all your faith and belief
and just look me in the eyes
And you will know
How beautiful you are
A voice within will tell you
We can make it far
We will make it through
I promise to love you the way no one has ever loved you

Hey Beautiful
I don’t want to hide anything from you
I want to tell you, about you I feel so true
I want to be your man
I want all your attention
Yet i can’t make a move
Please give me a sign
Please give me chance

Turn around and look at me
In these eyes burns an emotional fire
Please let me be your everything
Let me be your desire
I will never leave you
Never ignore you
Trust me beautiful
You are the song in my life
From my guitars broken string
To my unsung melodies
You are not just beautiful
You are MY Beautiful 


  1. I am speechless. This is an awesome work, masha'allah.

  2. Reminded me of James Blunt- You're Beautiful :)
    The poem made me smile :) I told you you are very talented, didn't I? :)

  3. Oh so lovely!:) One's heart that is truly in love..:) Great writing from you!:) I love it!:) Keep it up, keep sharing more...:) God bless you!:)

  4. Lovely words.. Lucky is the gal who gets someone who loves her so much as u have written. Keep writing:)

  5. You could really make this a song =O Like seriously! It was beautiful =)

  6. Very beautiful poem,, really true expressions.

  7. The work's just awesome....loved it...