Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Sweet Story

I can see it in your eyes
It's the way you look.
I know how much you hate goodbyes
I can feel all the pain you took.

Life didn't give you much
But you still clinged on to it
Hoping For a better day
Every night with hope you slept.
In the end you always found yourself
Like an abandoned ship
Cold, empty and wet

Saw you sitting by the cotton tree
Alone with tears falling from your face.
I stood there and wondered
Who had brought sadness to such a beautiful face.

I sat beside you
And in no time we became friends
You held my hand
And in a sighing voice you asked
"Will I See You Again ?"

Days passed,
You gave me beautiful sleepless nights
Nights of stars in empty skies
And your thoughts.
No matter where i am
I think about you.

I know your scared
Just once hold my hand
And you will feel my tender love and care.
Please give me a chance.

I will give you my coat when you are cold
Hold you close forever.
Be the reason for your smile even when we are old.
My love for you can never be enough
Because This Is An Evergreen Love

When I close my eyes i see you
When i look at the gentle blue skies
I feel we can make it through.
I promise you
I will never leave you.

I am gonna love you
like nobody loved you
I want to be your everything.
Want to be the dream you dream.

I want to sleep with you forever
I want to spend my life together
I want to die in your arms
And i will make your world
better than ever.

Even After I Die
I Will Wait For You
Will Wait For Your Touch
From Somewhere Above
I Will Look At You
And Shower You With All My Love.

Just Give Me A Chance
To Give You What You Deserve
Together We Will Make The Sweetest Story
Ever heard.


  1. d best of ur poems..really "AWESOME" :) :p :0)

  2. Lovely words, beautifully arranged. :)

    P.S. My first visit here, got you via Philo's blog, looking for more posts from you. :)


  3. hey popping over from your interview...very nicely penned poet...big smiles on this one...

  4. This is so lovely, my words is not enough to describe how great feeling I have after reading your piece.:) Thanks to Philo who became my way to find your blog and got inspired with your writings. You're great!! Keep sharing us more, and looking forward to read more from you!:)

    Oh my...I really love your poem..:) Thank you so much, you made my tears fall,. Thank you this wonderful thing you've shared us!:) God bless you Zain!:)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Too!:)

  5. Thank You So Much for taking out time to visit my blog :)
    I have checked each one of your's blog.You all are such an amazing writer, each one of you having a personal style of writing.
    hope to learn more from all of you and share and make my works better :)

    Happy HOLIDAYS And Happy New Year :)

  6. Hi, thank you too for your time to visit mine,I really appreciate your effort Xain or Zain,:)

    Thanks a lot! God Bless you!:)

  7. WOW. Dropped in here from Philo's blog.
    This poem <3
    I LOVE IT!
    It's beautiful & so warm and naiiiiice =)

  8. Awwww (:
    Dropped in here from Philo's!
    Had a nice time reading!:)

  9. Firstly, I love the title of your blog. And yes, like all others, I dropped in from Philo's blog too. :D
    and everyone has different expressions of love, no? And this one is quite a beautiful expression. The choice of words is simple yet effective.

  10. Dropped here via Philo. Beautiful is d word for your writing.. Keep writing :-)

    Had a real rough day today, super tired but when i logged in and read this it actually brought a big smile on my face.
    Thank you SO MUCH everyone for taking out the time to visit my blog :)

    And Special Thanks To Philo :)

  12. I wish if you can be the lyricist of my songs <3
    truly heart touching :)

  13. Awesome,, how love one can shower, u made it on words. :)