Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Beautiful Day, Everyone is A Beggar In Some Way

Woke Up On A God Blessed Day
Thought It Will Be Good In It's Own Way
Had Forgotten I Am Born Somewhere
Where nothing goes anywhere.

Shouts, Fights thats what i saw
What i heard when i broke out
from the deep slumber
The fresh day took no time to become a nightmare.

Alone i left as always i did
On way to offer my prayers
Missed holding my fathers hand
My heart felt so heavy and it was so hard to bare.

On my way to bow down before the Almighty
I was lost in my thoughts wondering
Didn't know where i was going
The bright sunny day
was just more than dark to me.

Passing below the shadows of old trees
And i am just walking with my grief
Beggars all around on there knees
Asking For Money
Asking For A Life.

I heard a voice from behind,
turned around and saw a father holding his son
His son was blind.
The way he holded his fathers hand
The way his father had his arms around him
They sent a message of love
like a restless wind.

I don't know why i cried there
it was so hard to hold back my tears
I was missing something
something very bad.
Something i wish i had.

By the time the prayer was about to start
I felt this emptiness creeping into me
Some kind of loneliness
I felt in a crowd of more than hundreds
A pain i never pray that anyone would feel.

Sat among hundreds of strangers
but was a beggar of one
Something i couldn't even beg for
Beggar of love and care
Of my loved ones.

Was standing with my head
bowed down before God
But all i was doing
Was trying not to let my tears fall.

There was this pain i hated that i felt
I was quiet but shouting for help.
Prayers ended and so did my tears
Hugged the stangers
and asked for their blessing and prayers.

Came back the way i left
i heard nothing stays the same forever
but i also did hear family is always meant to be there.
It was my destiny to be alone
have so many people called My Own
But having them is like having a lifeless Stone.

Everyone in this world is a beggar
Among My Own I Am A Stranger.


  1. Do these words come naturally to you :) I love your work! Everyone is a beggar at a point. Lovely :)

  2. Well lets just say this thing is something that actually happened with me, i came back home and started to pen it down and here is the result :)

  3. Thank You so much ! :) Your comments always make me smile! I wanna interview you. Would you like that? :)

  4. Check your gmail account for the details :)

  5. Miss do check your your gmail id.