Friday, December 16, 2011

The Princess

It's 1 am still  i can't get any sleep
My eyes have tears,
But remembering the way she talked to me
My heart skips a beat.

She came like a princess
and as she left
Of my own fall i became a witness.
I can't even count the number of times i called her beautiful
Because she was so amazing
but just so illusional

Days passed
The truth with every minute was revealed
The girl i fell for
Came to my life
and got my fate sealed.

I followed her just like a dog,
when she felt pity
She turned around
And gave a smile.
It was more than enough for me to wait
Wait as i have to walk hundreds of miles
Just to see her again smile

Her beauty cannot be expressed in words
The way she talks
Will steal your heart away
Words coming from her beautiful lips
Will add a life to your day.
The depth in her eyes is like a never ending maze
once you get in you can never get out.
She is the girl one can only dream about.

Among the above truth's
Lies A Hidden Lie
Something held and kept so deep inside.
You will feel like a Prince around her
But you are no more than the other prince's in her life
Your kiss and love is worthless and can never wake this Snow White.

She had this beautiful spell over me
which i couldn't breaktrough
All along i knew it was wrong
But i ignored it because the feeling of being loved
and to love was something so amazing something so new.

Soon the dream was shattered
like million pieces of glasses
I woke myself up, to the truth with tears in my eyes
knowing the dream was better then reality.
And it was the dream that mattered.

Now i had to walk away from her
because i knew nothing was right nothing was true
i was just one of those guys from her life
whom she gave life to
splashed waves of colors
just to take it back again.
Reality is so ugly incompared to dreams
and for me things will never be the same.

You made me fall for you
with every beautiful words you used
but you were never there to hold my hand and save me.
I feel like a idiot who gave his heart too soon.
I am now walking away from you
Will not be the same person
whom you made feel like a fool.

You came in my life just to teach me a lesson
A page i would had loved to skip
and embrace the dream.
Because deep inside I am still the fool .
You  brought me in the middle of rain with an umbrella overhead
And within a blink of an eye you walked away
Through it all alone i will now search for a better day.


  1. Every broken realationship makes us strong :) Nicely put. :)

  2. This is so beautifully written. Masha'Allah. Main appke hunar ko salam karti houn :)

  3. Philo - Agreed but it does changes people in alot of ways don't they ?
    Changes we don't want but at times it proves to be important :)

    Nasra - Shukriya :)

  4. I do agree that changes are important :) Whether we like them or not!