Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The world we know

We know what love is
We have sight yet act blind towards it,
Open your eyes and see how the other half lives
I see you all don't care even a bit.

If you ask me what i want
I would ask you to look around,
Realize the truth we knew all along
There are lives lost and needs to be found.

I don't want presents wrapped with ribbons and strings
No i do not want fancy clothes or any expensive things,
Let me make this clear
There are people searching for just a helping hand,
People who live each day in gripping fear.

Have you seen the father without a hand trying to carry his crying son ?
The helplessness he feels.
Have you seen the blind one who cannot be even blinded by the sun ?
Even nature cannot make him see it's beauty
Have you seen the little kid standing outside the clothes store
Having nothing to cover his body yet desires so little,
Have you seen those dry tears falling from the face of unfortunate ones ?
Ones whose loved ones died of hunger with a desire of few crumbs.

The world we know now knows only one kind of love
Between a guy and a girl,
People are too busy weaving their fairytales
Stealing the winds out of their sails.

Let the windows of your hearts open
Share some faith love and peace,
Lets take a little break from our petty worries and pain
and pray for them whose life we cannot even imagine to live.

I pray everyone feels loved tonight,
Lets put some light of faith in those given up eyes,
Lets bring a smile on those dry lips
and let the music of laughter live over the fearful cries.

Give a flower to the one who needs some hope
Share some food with the hungry,cold and broke,
Love the ones to whom affection has never been shown
Such kindness will make you richer than gold.


  1. You're good when it comes up to rhyming :) Positive post :)

  2. Oh Thank You :)
    I love how are always the first one to comment on my works :)
    Thank you for you time Miss :)

  3. Wow. These past few posts you have been outdoing yourself boy. Lovely words. Amazing thoughts. Interesting post. I liked it. :-)

  4. Zeba - Thank you Zeba.
    Somehow such good reviews coming from an awesome writer such as you really motivates me :)
    By the way i love your writing style.
    It's so fresh.

  5. You don't have to thank me. Your work is worth reading :)