Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Beautiful Disguise.

I stand by the sea at the shore
staring at the light blue sky,
Telling them how i don't love you anymore
Reciting the story of you me and the word WHY .

No one is around just the empty sky
and the sun the heart of it,
Life is weathering away like a life of a butterfly
And memories of moments i once lived.

I look up and a drop of rain falls on my face
I close eyes and imagine it being your touch,
In your heart save me place
I know this is a dream and please don't wake me up.

This blowing wind touching me with a calm grace
i imagine it to be your hair,
you gently feather it across my face
and i whisper your name as My Prayer.

The sweet breeze
So like the voice i always craved to hear,
It's putting my troubled heart at ease
As you whisper sweet nothingness in my ear.

Suddenly the rain stopped falling
and i feel your touch fading away,
The wind is lost somewhere
and like it my prayer has escaped,
The sweet breeze has changed it's direction
as if whispering in my ear was a mistake.

I open my eyes and i smile
i walk down back to reality,
The truth is no it doesn't make my life worth while
because this not how things are now supposed to be.

Your life and mine are now at different roads
Still the short journey i had with you
Makes me want it more,
I must say getting over you is still the hardest thing to do
But living with your memories
doesn't mean i still feel anything for you.

It were the memories which were made by you
based on lies,
Those never meant words which came from you
Were one beautiful disguise.


  1. This is my first visit to your blog :)
    Awesome poem...simple words...nice flow....very neatly written:)

  2. Thank you so much Miss :)
    Much appreciated :)

  3. Fading love :) Pricking memories :)
    A nice read as always!

  4. Philo - Ahaan.
    A really pricking love.

    Thank YOU :)