Thursday, December 8, 2011

For Peace

One for the dreamer
who knows it will aways be a dream
One for the dying father
Who wants to see his son for one who left but never again seen
One for the crippled
Who desires to walk
Inside there heart are pain
they never let there lips talk

Pray for the brother
Who died even before being born
pray for the sailor
Who never made it through the storm
Give it up for the mother
who lost her child
One for the girl
whos love snatched away her smile.

Bow down to the almighty
Whos made nature betrayed us
Destroyed homes and stole lives
And just dosen't seem to have enough.
Save the children who are not treated as a child
Hurted, beaten and made to work all the time.
One for the women who lost his man when about to become a bride
Too numb to even shed a tear to cry.

One for the husband who left home kissing goodbye
but never made it back,
Pray for the person who knows he won't make it
but when with his family tries to fake a laugh.
The dead, the ones in pain, some still not found
Caused by merciless terror attacks
Some maybe alive but there hearts buried deep within the ground.

We know there is this pain residing within you
Your eyes cries what you all went through.
The beauty of rainbow wiped off your mind
by dust pain and fire.
Instead of a soothing music all you heard
was cries, pain and gunfire.

Believe in God and believe in us
The world is a bad place
But please reside a little trust.
We are on our knees with hand stretched beyond limits
Finding ways to make you believe
That we are here
There is Still Love And Care.
We won't let you go through the storm alone
Lets show everyone the love never heard of or known.

We can't bring back your loved ones,
they have parted
but we will be your mother, father, sister and son.
and let not you become steeley eyed and cold hearted
we will make it a better place with our love warmth and affection
And show the world how love heals even the deepest scars and burns.


  1. This post touched me totally!
    I feel so bad for the helpless people. It's so sad when people turn their backs on them. Those innocent children..those innocent people who lose everything and the crippled. It's so sad.
    "One for the girl
    whos love snatched away her smile."

    I loved these lines! Amazing post :) I love how you write about sad things in the beginning and then you suddenly light a hope, and end it on a positive note! :)

  2. It is sad actually, this world with time is changing and the change is not good at all.Among hundreds even one person who cares is a blessing.

    And thank you Miss :)
    I look forward for you review everytime i post something :)

  3. This post is so beyond your years. It is good to have someone around. :-)