Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh You Drops From Heaven

Oh You Drops From Heaven
Why Am I Loving You So Much Today ?,
Who Gives You The Directions
There Is So Much I Want to Say.

Oh You Drops From Heaven
Is It You Or The Way You Fall,
You Sweep Away All The Pain
And Make Me Feel I Haven't Lived Life At All.

There's Such Serenity In Your Voice
When You Beautifully Touch The Ground,
I Get Nostalgic Thinking Of Child Days And The Old Toys
Which Today Is Lost In The Big World And Is Nowhere To Be Found.

Oh You Drops From Heaven
I Never Loved You So Much As I'm Loving You Today,
And As I'm Looking At The Faded Moon
I Feel Everything Is Beautiful In It's Own Special Way.

The Coolness Of The Air You bring
Is Reminding Me Of Someone Special,
Who I Was Trying To Forget All Along
Because I Know You Cant Get Everything You Want
And All The Way I Was Trying To Move On.

But Just For Tonight
I Want To Be Swept Away By Those Memories
And Put My Heart At Ease
Forget The Sorrows And Pain
Because My Tears Are Taken Away;

By The Angels
And Here You Are Bringing Their Message.

Oh You Tears From Heaven
Please Don't Fade Away
Just For Tonight Stay
So That I Can Close My Eyes
And Dream Of Just Me And Her Face To Face
Looking In The Eyes Of Each Other
And Say The Words That Wont Ever Be Said.

I'm Glad You Are Getting Louder
I Have A Friend For The Night
Who Was Watching Me All Along
Tonight He Expresses His Feelings
As Tears
For The Pain He Knew
I Kept Inside

Oh My Friend Somewhere From The Sky
Whenever She's  Sad Or She Cries
Please Pour Down Your Tears
And Let Me Know
That's It's the Time
When She Needs Me The Most.


  1. And these words were like words from the sky :)
    You write so well.. Nice piece :)

  2. Thank You Miss :)
    I just try to write something, it is the only way i can express myself, keeping my words simple so that everyone can understand :)