Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Heart Caught Stare

I was sitting with friends
When I saw you head up the stairs,
It was to be a regular glimpse
But it became a heart caught stare.

I watched as you gently walked towards me
Every grace of your every footstep,
The curls of your hair graciously spoke to the wind
I witnessed how your smile and heart made a music so perfect

I wanted to look away
But as much i wanted to look at you
You looked so beautiful in the black grey dress,
Tell me what was my heart supposed to do
When i saw beauty at its best.

I slowly looked away pretending i didn't see
While you sat at a little distance with your friends,
I rushed to the washroom and looked myself in the mirror
That very moment i realized
You were way out of league.

As i came out with my head so down
With a sad acceptance,
I felt a stare from eyes brighter than the brightest town
It was you and it didn't look like some coincidence

I was trying to hide my smile
while you kept stealing looks at me,
I was trying to listen to my friends
but my mind wandered to something so beautiful i have never heard of or seen.

In my mind i played every way to talk to you
What a moment of desire and need you became,
Despite of all the ways i thought of i couldn't make a move
And i wondered in a crowd of so many how only you easily mesmerized my senses

This happened for a while
And my friends left,
I stayed back alone
Craving for one last look and to lose my breath.

I waited for hours for one last glimpse
I knew well it was crazy ,
I felt even a lifetime wasn't enough
To put our names in history.

It didn't happen the way i wanted it to
As always,
I left with a burning desire of one last look of you
And the need to know your name.

It has been 2 days and i can't get your picture off my mind
No matter what i do,
It feels i have left something behind.

Again today i had gone
Hoping for one specific miracle You,
Even today i had my hopes high and on
Yet things didn't happen the way it were supposed to.

What is it that you have done to me?
All my eyes desire for is you
How have you become my last at night and first thought every morning ?
What kind of magic you spell bounded me to ?

In this city of thousands
I believe someday i will run into you,
I don't care of the odds
I will get my last glimpse hoping it will start something new.


  1. Love at first site, eh? :D
    You created the pictures very well!

    1. Love is a pretty strong word there.
      Still it was magical :)

    2. If you envy my writing, then I don't know what word I could use for yours :P
      POST MORE!!

  2. I read some of what you wrote Xain. Your writing is so mature. What is your real age?
    One of these days if I am in mood I can write a challenge for you.

    1. I am 21.
      Thank you by the way.

      Challenge ?
      What do you mean ?

  3. Hello there! I love your poetry, it's really simple and direct in words yet has deep meaning to it!

    If you don't mind, could you check out my blog- it's a combo of Fashion/Poetry and maybe we could follow each other? :D