Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last thought in his mind

She hurt him bad
So bad that he couldn't find himself again,
Each day became something to just get through
Nothing in his head and heart was the same.

The fire in his heart was put out
Like a burnt tree which can never catch a fire,
His pain was lost in the crowd
which he hid well and became a bold faced liar.

Everyone watched how he made others laugh
They said his pen truly expressed his emotions,
Truth was with her gone
He had lost just more than someone.

Behind his bold ideas of reality and laughter
He thought of ways to bury his heart
Tried keeping his feelings away from his broken smile
But from inside he was slowly falling apart.

She was there falling in love with someone else
Thinking of a new love in the depth of night,
While he was still there lying on his bed
Trying yet couldn't get her off his mind.

Time didn't heal his pain away
Tired of even getting betrayed by the greatest healer,
He knew it was a love that doesn't happen everyday
and without it he felt the end to be nearer.

With him lost his control of his heart and mind
With his fire burned down
With his failed attempts to leave the past behind
He only wishes to sleep buried deep in the ground.

Where thoughts of her won't reach him
not even the betraying time,
With nothing to believe in
Still he will leave with her as the last thought in his mind.

1 comment:

  1. This is so mesmerizing.. Few of your lines are breath takingly beautiful.. My favorite one is "Time didn't heal his pain away
    Tired of even getting betrayed by the greatest healer"
    Just magical Xain..