Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For Them

Watch their hands lie on the dry ground
Drier than the desert,
Lips trying to tell their story but cannot make a sound
life can't be given with just promises and words.

Look in their eyes and picture what they feel
Because feeling like that is something unreal for you,
For few hours try and live their lives
You cannot imagine the pain and agony in their shoes.

Look at that mother trying feed her little ones
Though her tongue hasn't tasted anything in days,
Yet she smiles and gives her children pieces of crumbs
Not thinking of even taking a bite of that bread.

Their tears have dried up
They have not even sadness to spill,
Not just from clothes and shelter
They have been dried off from their faith and will.

If you have a candle light it up for them
If you got a voice you better shout out to them,
Re-ignite the faith and hope
and do not stop till you hit the melodious heart warming note.

Sometimes it will be easy
sometimes it's going to be hard,
Give them reasons to breathe freely
Lets build back their world which has been torn apart.

Everyone looks for a reason to live
some while looks for reason to love ,
They are in need to believe
that there is more to life than what they are living of.
If you still feel your troubles are bigger
and you are the more unfortunate one,
Still i hope praying once in a day for them
won't add up to your problems,
That little effort will make you to million to one.


  1. This is very heartbreaking and an awesome poem you've written!...Very touching one!..Hope their lives change!

  2. This is really worth understanding,, everybody thinks, his or her pain is most, but there are ppl who r bereft of one time food, so we should thank god for whatever we have..

  3. It's so sad to see how people suffer. We'd understand only if we were in their shoes. You created the picture so feel. And the picture you've posted, it gave the chills!

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