Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Future Wife.

Do not worry, i am on my way to steal you from all of them.
If you are sad at the moment, I promise when you are with me you will never ever feel the same. If you are little unwell and no one is able to recognize that, i promise i will be there to give you medicine and cover you with a blanket and lay right beside you holding you in my arms to make you feel the warmth you need.
I do not care if you are sick, i WILL kiss you.You don't need to worry about cooking much because i will often fix us a meal.
I will leave anything that comes in between us. Even if its my job, because such things come and go, but for you i have been waiting for a real long time. So long to keep you smiling and laughing.I know all of these will make you cry when i die but one thing is for sure i will be happy knowing you loved me the same.I cannot promise that i can be the PRINCE charming you always imagined but i will definitely do things for you which even a girl wanting a fairytale cannot imagine.
I do not care what your past is, how many guys you have
been with.But i promise i will be the one which you have been wanting, may it ask to change me.
I promise to be a great dad. It doesn't matter if i fill my stomach or not i promise yours will never go empty.I do not care if i wear the best clothes but i promise i will give you the best of what i can.
I promise to hold your feet and gently fit the shoes you desire even if i wear nothing.I promise you this, wherever you are, whatever you think of love, it is not enough compared to the amount of love i will give you.I will be your one and you will be mine forever till my last breathe.


    This is so, so, so sweet, and beautiful :')
    Whoever she is, lucky lucky her!
    Also, where can I find guys like you? Nai, sacchi, batao! =|

    1. LOL
      I don't know what to say :P

    2. =P
      Thank you bolo and this might go down in the history of me saying the most cliched thing on Blogger, but, do you have a brother? XD
      Have a great week :)
      And those anon comments are BS >_<

    3. Thank You :P
      Yes though :p
      It's good to have people criticize my works :)
      Helps in improving.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh thank You so much :D
      Much appreciated :D

  3. OMG:) She is gonna be super lucky:)

  4. she is gonna friendzone him lol

  5. Everyone else has already said what I was going to.
    The girl you get married to will find heaven on earth. :)

    You are THE dream! For any girl out there.

    Beyond Beautiful is what this is. :)

    1. Thank You Anon
      I just hope i live up to it :)

      Thank You :)

  6. too many grammatical mistakes, bro.

    1. thanks for pointing out that brother :)
      Will definitely keep that in mind.

  7. A lot of grammatical mistakes, but I'm still close to tears. Whoever she is, she's a lucky girl =)

  8. Wow!...This is awesome...I'm sure....Your future wife will be so lucky to have you :)

    I too wrote a note to my future boyfriend long back....Have a look if you have time :)


  9. That was soooooo sweet. Your girl would be 1 lucky gal. :)

  10. This is simply.... BEAUTIFUL x)
    The way you describe it, OMG, too adorable :")

    Future wifey will be so damn lucky. Good luck :)