Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Waiting for that one change
which will make everything alright,
the start of the day would be just more than just okay
Filling this burning hole in broad daylight.

People warning about other people
tired of wars and miseries,
It's like being a slave to a needle
Feels like it's been forever since i been on my knees.

So tired of the disappointing life
of solving the bewildered puzzles
Someone always holds a knife with their well hid lies
Around every corner awaits new troubles.

The pictures beside me in the their frames
comes with such bitter memories,
Had enough of the change
Just need a simple release.

Tonight with an angel
will fly far away from here, 
Those wings will be the shelter to light and rain
away from this endlessness which i feel.

Let me be empty tonight
Hold my hand O Angel fly me away from here,
Let me be a free kite
i will sing a song so please take it from my lips to God's ears.

In this madness let me be free,
away from this sadness
i don't want it perfect but as simple as it could be.

In this dark room with a storm raging in my head
i need a little comfort,
Let your arms be my bed
These stars and nights are not enough.

And as i lie down and close my eyes
i wish you to pull me away from this shipwreck,
Cleared my head with questions like Why
just listening to the gentle drops of rain,
Don't be late because i am too tired
Free me from these chains
Take me far away O angel
from this world of miseries and pain.


  1. Every person in this world needs an angel...nicely done...loved it...:)

  2. This is awesomely penned....Angel...shower us with love :)

  3. Don't we all wish that we could all fly away from the pain and misery that is all around? If all the world could be a better place to live in :) Another worth reading post from you :)

  4. Veryy well written ! .. :)
    Follow each other.

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