Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wishes and Questions

How am i ?
What is life to me now ?
Am i still the same or have changed ?

Some questions i expect people to ask me but above all i ask myself this question every now and then.Am i just lost or have i really changed ?
so many questions yet no answers and even when i get one it is just temporary.It's like i am a stuck cassette playing again and again to the same music which once made me happy and made life worth living.It's just getting difficult to get life through with each and every passing day.

I wonder what is wrong with this world ?
Why is everyone around me so Fake so Stupid ?
It's like the lies of this world have drenched their hearts so bad that now to them it seems to be a reality.Everyday on my facebook page i see people getting in and out of relationship like every week or in a month and every time they claim they are in love.How is that even possible ?
How can falling in and out love be so easy ?. Is it a joke at which people laugh and when they stop some other joke is teased in a conversation and they laugh again. This world with every passing day is becoming more difficult to understand. Ungratefulness, lack of affection, connection, Real Love. It's like they don't even know what life actually is.They are faking the lives of people around them.
How can getting out of love be SO GOD DAMN EASY ?
There are two explanations for this
First the person never was in love
Secondly they do not know what love is.

No it's not easy for me to get over someone that easy, like everyone does everyday.No it's not easy to wipe off those memories which reminds us of them. It's difficult, yes it is.
Sometimes i feel good for who and what i am but at times what i am makes me sad. I guess it's natural. Life is such a struggle for some people and it just gets tougher and tougher everyday to get through. The peculiarity of situations cannot be understood by anyone but only the person who is going through. Love is not my game anymore, i do not feel anything as such these days. All my life i been letting people know how amazing love is, even made some numb people realize what life holds for them but now i just feel really cold and numb myself and no one is there to make me understand. They can but some situations are just not explainable. Barely surviving has become my purpose. Colors of life have faded away so is the smile from my face. Sometimes i wish that i valued love to nothing. Giving it so much importance and then falling on my face has caused so much pain that almost everything has changed. Affected every little thing in my life.
I wish at times it was easy for me to forget. All of this suddenly struck me and i thought i would just write in down.

So much for a blog update and my life.

signing out.
Dreams of colors back in life.

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