Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love Restored

What is love ? , it's magical, it cannot just happen when you want it to.It's like a magic, it takes you over, spell bounds you and even a little distance from that person makes you just dead from inside.It just don't happen.It's very rare but people in search for it makes the wrong decisions and some out of desperation.My life is not the same.I just feel the guy who i was a year back full of life and faith in love.I do not care what happened for this whole year, i am getting rid of the sadness i had all the time.They say they want fairytales but they should know all fairytales are not the same.I tried to give her one but i guess i was not what she was looking or she couldn't understand me.Whatever it may be, it's good that things worked out this way or else we would had been regretting.She didn't want what i had to give so why drag a story.The one for me will have a completely different story with me.She is happy where she is and i have just started to be after months of misery.Just that few things in this world restores your faith in love.I know something amazing will happen, there is a selected spell for me, i don't care how long it takes, i am in no rush.I could do anything to feel that no matter how much i have to wait.And when that happens there is no question that it won't work out.The thing is when things are meant to be there is no question of it won't.It won't be like what happened between me and her, not even close.

And my faith in love is restored and i am back as the old Zain.
Immense respect for love, feelings and emotions.
Music, writing and photography.
And just that beautiful wait while life goes on.

And my time will come.

I couldn't say Goodbye to you, you never gave me a proper chance.
So if you are reading this
Thank you for the memories.

Adios :)

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