Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All the luck to me

Alright i have never ever done something as such i am going to do tomorrow.It is something VERY new to me.I am going to ask a girl out.She has been giving those pretty smiles whenever she see's me and she is one hell of a BEAUTIFUL girl.I mean the kind i never seen in my entire life.She is extravagantly beautiful, and has a smile to die for.Man i remember the first time when she gave me one of those smile.It's hard to believe that she is interested in me ( judging that before hand because of the way she looks at me... ). She is always in kinda dress i love.I am so nervous even while writing this down.I wrote down what i would say in a piece of paper and been trying to rehearse that.I know this is Stupid but i am so nervous. If i don't jot down what i want to say i won't be able to say a single word in front of her.
It's so so STUPID yet i want to do this.
All the luck to me

Signing out !


  1. ye sab karke kya milta hai...??

    is chees se tmhare life ko kya value milta hai...??
    be practical in answering this...!!

  2. What do you get when you smoke Rahul ? :)