Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life you been good to be lately.Please can you do me one more favor ?

When i walk down the streets today i hope i run into a beautiful girl, not just superficially but also from heart, our eyes meet and we live the dream in just one glimpse.I miraculously get some strength to talk to a girl and we talk and i ask her out, i would take her to those special places i always dreamed of taking my girl, just lie down next to her holding her hand and talk, gently in her ears i would whisper those 3 words, gentle enough to bring a tear of happiness in her eye and in few years i marry her and have beautiful kids.Do something that would bring back the lost love in me so that i would feel the same feeling i had of waking up beside just one girl for the rest of my life.Watch her wake up when i enter the room with breakfast with a simple Dutch rose.I would marry her in every 10 years of my life with the same energy we got married the first time.
in short i want you to bless me with a Fairytale :)

Thank You !

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