Sunday, July 17, 2016

An ordinary man

Six years has passed by
Walked million miles away from you
Traveled through so many roads
Yet i feel standing closer to you.

What is this magic you have cast upon me ?
No distance seems too far
In my travels i have met so many
Yet my compass guides me to where you are.

This heart refuses any other
No matter how much the universe says,
You are the only to have been to all my corners
And it just doesn't seem to settle for anyone else.

I remember your happiness
For the surprise i pulled,
You received so much more from others
Even today you don't know the effort it took.

If reality met the distance of you in my heart,
You'd be in my arms,
Your head buried in my chest
Feeling a burning love and warmth.

I have found a key to be in heaven
Which is waking up next you,
Your hair all messed on my pillow
Loving every bit of you.
Your breath falling on my hand
as i move it across your face
To be sure heaven is real
Or is it just one of God's game

Not a day would go by
Where i wouldn't say those three words,
If it ever happens so,
Know that i am no more.

Nothing of this is in vain
After years of struggle and setbacks
You're that inspiration to have made me pick up my pen.
I shall write about the world and all i can
Every drop of ink in me will have the world believing,
That an extraordinary woman was loved extraordinarily by an ORDINARY man.


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